out of mind

there is a place you can go, even for just a moment - to contemplate reality. to absorb knowledge. to become more scientifically literate than you were before. in this place you may see things that frighten you, that shock you, that force you to question the world around you. within this place you have the ability to discuss, contemplate & define your own inner peace. this is a place that strives to educate in order to achieve a more harmonious balance with the world & grasp the actions needed to perfect our life, our world or our own personal corner of the planet. within this place, your ideas, current education, ideals, traditions & religions may be tested. this place will challenge your mind, build your courage & embrace your fears. this place encourages you to understand your place in the universe. just like the world we know, this will not always be a safe place. this place is not a room to hide in, it is a gateway to a higher sense of purpose. this place is an open door that allows you to move freely at your own pace without prejudice or judgement. this is that place. and it's yours. and ultimately, it's whatever you need it to be in your place in time. peace & love to each of you. enjoy.
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